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Billy's Story

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Hi, I'm Billy Davis! A New York City based real estate agent, fitness professional, entrepreneur, and para-athlete. Born and raised in the great state of Kansas by two visually impaired parents, I moved to New York in 1998, with my boyband Slō Motion to pursue a recording contract with Jive Records. Yes, I said "boyband!" 

When the record deal didn’t workout, I made the choice to stay in New York and my next chapter began. 

A former Division 1 athlete for the University of Kansas, I went back to my athletic roots and got a job as a personal trainer at one of New York’s top gyms. My career was progressing quite well when, in May 2012, I lost my left leg above the knee in a horrific motorcycle accident that nearly killed me. It was both the luckiest and unluckiest day of my life. I endured 11 hours of surgery, four blood transfusions, flatlined twice and spent five days in a partial coma before I woke up and promptly asked for “A cheeseburger and a Coke!” In time I would use this as my rallying cry while raising 10’s of thousands of dollars for people with disabilities. 


A few days after waking from a comma I had a realization. Being a 38 year old “new” amputee was going to be hard. It was going to test me in ways I couldn’t fathom. I was clear that I needed something harder than the leg to focus on. As I started to realize my new reality, there was no question that being an amputee was going to be physically challenging. But I knew that one way to conquer that challenge was to find something harder than my missing leg to to focus on. So I thought,"What is the most difficult thing I can learn to do?" One thing instantly came to mind...TRIATHLONS! I couldn't swim, so I would have to learn how at 38. I love to ride bikes and would have to figure that out. But that sounded like fun. Running would be huge since I've never been a fan of endurance training.


This would be a huge mental challenge. That was it! Triathlons would be my new focus. Being an amputee would not be the most physically challenging part of my day. Focusing on learning an entirely new skillset would definitely pay dividends. 

I would have to be the very best version of myself to overcome this. I was familiar with the power of personal development for my mental state and fitness for my physical. And I would need both to make the best of my new normal.  


Six months later, I returned to the gym. And in a moment when many would’ve looked for another career path, I doubled down. I focused on programming, technique and special populations. I started teaching certifications and mentoring young trainers. Since my accident, I have taught personal training certifications for NASM, BMCC, Hunter College, PTA Global, PTEC and Crunch. 


From the beginning I knew I was uniquely qualified for this particular challenge. I also knew that I could find a way to turn this life-altering experience into a shining example of what’s possible for others; both disabled and able-bodied. And that’s what I did. Through The Billy Davis Foundation, I have become a regular fundraiser for organizations like Achilles International, Wiggle Your Toes, Disability Empowerment of Sierra Leone, Limb Kind and ASPIRE I use my journey to touch, move and inspire others to greatness. 

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"I love who I get to be when I'm training and competing!  A man of character, guts, grit, purpose, resilience, perseverance, power, will, tenacity, passion, strength and dedication."--- Billy Davis

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise money and provide support for amputees and people in the limb loss community with limited financial options who are in need of specialized equipment. We accomplish this through gestures that touch, move and inspire others into action. 

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Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader in the amputee and limb-loss community with resources that provide a better quality of life.

Touch   Move   Inspire


Touch, Move and Inspire

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